Austest Laboratories in Thomastown Victoria will be conducting the following seminar 25 June, which would be of interest to environmental engineers and project managers responsible for product compliance.

Understanding Environmental Testing, From Shock and Vibration to Temp/Humidity, UV, corrosion and IP (Ingress Protection)

Environmental Testing is an integral part of the product development process in a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, defence, medical, transport, packaging, railways & mining. This seminar will cover the main aspects of the most commonly used environmental tests and will be presented by test engineers with more than 10 years of hands-on experience.  There will be particular emphasis on shock and vibration testing, although other tests such as temperature, humidity, impact, salt-fog, altitude, UV and IP will also be discussed.

Topics are mentioned below and include a tour of our facilities.

Apart from the specifics mentioned in the program, you should walk away with the following knowledge;

  • What’s involved in the environmental testing process and how long it will take
  • A general idea of applicable standards and test parameters in your particular fields
  • The ability to interpret and derive basic vibration and shock test specifications
  • An understanding of typical Temperature, Humidity and thermal shock tests
  • Dust and Water ingress testing and assessment process
  • UV testing, the difference between UV-A and Broad Spectrum and what is most appropriate
  • Fundamentals of salt-fog (corrosion) testing
  • How to create a basic environmental test plan
  • What information you should expect to see in a test report and how to interpret it
  • Pitfalls – how to differentiate between a professionally conducted test and a dodgy one

Places are strictly limited.  Register your interest by calling Alison on 03 9464 4016 Update: Oversubscribed, keep watching for further seminars during 2014.

Our Environmental Testing Brochure can be downloaded here.

Environmental Seminar