Energy Efficiency Testing (MEPS / GEMS)

Austest performs energy efficiency testing to satisfy the requirements of the Australian Government’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism and New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority legislation for the following product types:

  • Performance testing
  • Power consumption testing
  • MEPS testing
  • VEU (previously VEET) testing
  • IPART testing

Power consumption testing

  • External power supplies and battery chargers to AS/NZS 4665
  • Power consumption of audio, video and related equipment to AS/NZS 62087.1
  • Digital television set-top boxes to AS/NZS 62087.2.1

MEPS testing

  • MEPS television sets to AS/NZS 62087.2.2
  • Measurement of standby power on household electrical appliances to AS/NZS 62301
  • Information Technology Equipment Energy Performance of Computers AS/NZS 5813:2012
  • Information Technology Equipment Energy Performance of Internal a.c.-d.c. and d.c.-d.c. power supplies AS/NZS 5814.1

VEU testing, also known as LCP testing

  • VEU Testing to Victorian State Government requirements for power boards and EPODS
  • VEU and iPART testing for Lamp Circuit Power of luminaires
  • ISTMT (LM-80 / TBR21) In-Situ Testing

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