Our Process

Product Submission (Testing)

Submit a product technical specification with product pictures and details of how it is powered, eg internal mains with power cord, hardwired by electrician or external “brick” type power supply with 5/12V cord to product

This will allow us to provide an accurate assessment of the standards that may apply to your product

Feel free to provide existing product safety and/or EMC emission reports the manufacturer may have (report review fees apply)


A Quote will be issued covering existing report review fees (50% back upon any required testing), or if no reports, a quote for testing and certification to all the relevant product approval requirements for the requested market (AU/NZ, North America, CE/EU etc). This may include product safety, EMC emissions, telecommunications, wireless transmitter or energy efficiency testing and related certification

Note we don’t provide quotes over the phone

Provide Documents & Samples

The quote will include the # of samples and requests for any supporting documentation such as user manuals or component data.

The quote will also include a rough indication of the lead time before testing commencement and the time for testing

Project Start

A project will be created when we receive:

    • Signed quote
    • Related quote supplement (editable PDF with URL in the quote)
    • Deposit remittance advice (for non terms clients)
    • Samples

Once these are received, we create an on-line project where you can view, upload related documentation and communicate directly with engineering staff

Product Testing

Prior to full testing, a review of the samples will be made and any large and obvious failures will be advised, otherwise testing will either result in a compliant test report or a document detailing failures and possible suggestions.



A test report will be produced that is used to submit to the relevant certifier.



A document detailing failures and possible suggestions will be provided. Retesting fees will apply based on the # and severity of failures. Minor failures such as labelling and user manual changes are usually re-examined free of charge.


Additional Testing Notes:

Product Safety testing may be destructive so if your product is very expensive, let us know and we will see if spare parts can be provided or damage limited

EMC and Wireless testing requires the product to be operating and transmitting (if applicable). Supporting cables and accessories may be required