Austest Laboratories has many years of experience in testing Vehicle mounted electronics, sub-assemblies, wiring looms and accessories for compliance to Automotive Component and Accessory product standards.

Our services include:

  • EMC testing for Automotive Components and Accessories inc devices with 3G and 4G
  • Mechanical testing

    Automotive EMC Testing, Austest Melbourne
  • Climatic testing
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Design and consulting


  • Testing to FCC, R&TTE, EMC and Automotive EMC Directives for CE / European requirements including specific standards applicable to vehicle mounted products and accessories.
  • Load dump tests to ISO 7637-2 and ISO 16750-2 on electrical devices

Mechanical Testing

  • Vibration up to 2 Tonnes
  • Shock and SRS

    Combined (climatic+fatigue) testing – Automotive Wiring Harnesses
  • Drop and impact up to 30,000 G
  • Cyclic fatigue specialists (inc on wiring harnesses and seats)
  • Static load
  • Impact (IK code)
  • Enclosure protection (IP code)
  • Fluid Resistance (TSM0502G cl.4.8.2)
  • Scratch Resistance (TSM0502G cl.4.15)

Climatic Testing

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Thermal shock
  • Thermal Cycle Test (TSM0502G cl.4.1.3)
  • Low Temperature Resistance Test (TSM0502G cl.4.1.4)
  • Humidity Resistance Test (TSM0502G cl.4.2.1)
  • Power Application under High Temperature and High Humidity Conditions (TSC7019 cl. 4.3)

Colour and Appearance Measurement

  • Paint, dry coating and plastics testing including gloss, abrasion and hardness

Accelerated aging

  • Salt fog inc TSH1552G
  • UV & Solar radiation┬ácovering UV-A and Broad Spectrum with rain simulation
  • Toyota Standard TSM0501G cl. 9.20 for UV Degradation
  • Accelerated Weather (Light) Resistance Test (TSM0502G cl. 4.7.3)


  • Airborne noise
  • Structurborne noise

Electrical safety

  • Measurement and control equipment
  • Information Technology equipment
  • Generic electrical safety

Design and consulting

  • e mark (lower case e) assistance per Directive 72/245/EEC with amendment 2004/104/EC and 2009/19/EC by EU
  • E mark (upper case E) assistance per ECE Regulation by UN
  • EMC advisory services and product modifications
  • Vibration and shock consulting
  • Design of cushions and resilient mounts
  • Vibration measurement and diagnostics
  • Acoustic design and noise mitigation
  • Test fixtures design and manufacturing

Some of the test standards our laboratories are accredited for include:

  • ISO 11452-2
  • ISO 11452-3
  • ISO 11452-4
  • ISO 11452-8
  • ISO 16750-2
  • ISO 7637-2
  • ISO 10605
  • IEC60068-2 family
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • DEF STAN 00-35
  • ISO 16450-3
  • ASTM D4169-09
  • ASTM B117
  • ISTA 3A & 2A
  • AS/NZS 60529
  • IEC 60255-21-1
  • IEC 60255-21-2
  • TSC7019
  • TSM0502G
  • TSH1552G

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