Environmental – Enclosure Protection

IP (Ingress Protection) Testing for Dust and Water

Austest performs accredited AS 60529 IP testing in Adelaide,  Melbourne and Sydney

Austest Labs performs accredited IP testing up to IP68 in 3 facilities across the country.

IP (Ingress Protection) for dust and water

Here are the various numerals explained in basic terms, please refer to the standard AS/NZS 60529 for specifics:

IP First Numeral – Protection from solid objects/dust, IP

IP0X No protection
IP1X Protection against solid objects > 50 mm
IP2X Protection against solid objects > 12 mm
IP3X Protection against solid objects > 2.5 mm
IP4X Protection against solid objects > 1 mm
IP5X Protection against dust (limited ingress allowed, no harmful deposit).
IP6X Fully protected from dust (dust tight).

IP Second numeral – Protection from moisture/liquids

IPX0 No protection.
IPX1 Protection from vertically dripping water
IPX2 Protection from sprays/dripping of water up to 15ofrom vertical.
IPX3 Protection from spraying water up to 60o from vertical.
IPX4 Protection from spraying water (all directions) – limited ingress OK provided no hazard.
IPX5 Protection from low pressure jets of water (all directions) – limited ingress OK provided no hazard.
IPX6 Protection against powerful jets of water, limited ingress OK provided no hazard
IPX7 Protection from temporary immersion
IPX8 Protection from continuous immersion