From 1 March 2016, the labelling requirements change in Australia and New Zealand.

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The time is up for C-Tick and A-Tick labelled products, as the RCM must be used from 1 March 2016 for electrical and electronic items.  While the RCM denotes compliance with both electrical safety and interference requirements, this news article is limited to registration and labelling for EMC emissions (almost all electrical items) and intentional radiators (products with transmitters such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi and remote controls).

Importers and local manufacturers should register to use the RCM here as a responsible supplier and label their products with the RCM, after testing to the relevant product standard and signing a declaration of conformity, attesting to compliance.  Overseas companies (non Australia or New Zealand), are unable to register to use the RCM.  For these companies, Approval Specialists Pty. Limited offers a local agent service for compliance folder holding purposes and the use of our RCM registration.  Contact us here for more details.

Products that were labelled with the C-Tick or A-Tick can continue to be supplied until labelled stock has been exhausted—they are not required to be re-labelled.

New Zealand

The RCM replaces the C-Tick and the R-NZ replaces the SCN (Supplier Code number).

The C-Tick and SCN labelling will only be acceptable for stock labelled prior to 1 March 2016.

All suppliers in the New Zealand market must register on the Responsible Supplier and Equipment Registration Database before using the new labelling regime.

The following link provides further information on labelling requirements and help on registering:

Approval Specialists can hold NZ specific approvals for clients that do not have a NZ entity.

Contact Approval Specialists for more info and a quote.