The ACMA have amended the various labelling notices for Telecommunications, EMC and Radiocommunications to allow for the electronic display of the required A-Tick/C-Tick/RCM compliance logo and supplier code /alternatives, for devices that have an integrated display.  This alternative to standard product labels on a device does not apply to products that do not have an integrated screen, such as many routers, personal computers, DVD players etc. 

In reality, this change will mostly benefit mobile handset manufacturers who have problems with the lack of real estate on a product in order to fit the many compliance logos and markings required for different countries. 

The labelling notices do not prescribe how the electronic label is to be displayed. Examples of how the electronic label can be displayed include:

  • during the device’s power up sequence
  • under the device’s system information page
  • under the device’s help menu.

There is however a requirement for suppliers to indicate the method used for displaying the electronic label in the documents that accompany the device.  

A summary of the various labelling requirements can be found here