ASA LogoASA (Australian Safety Approval) has become a recognised external approval scheme by the New South Wales Government Office of Fair Trading.  This allows ASA to issue electrical safety product approval certificates for both declared and non declared electrical products for both Australia and New Zealand.

There are currently 56 classes of Declared Articles including dishwashers, hairdryers, room heaters and sewing machines.  Further details of these items can be downloaded from the Fair Trading Website

ASA is also accredited by JAS-ANZ under their Product Certification Scheme.

Australian Safety Approval was created to provide high quality, fast and economical product approval certification for manufacturers, importers and distributors of electrical items for Australian and New Zealand markets and to comply with EESS requirements application of the RCM.

Our assessors have in excess of 10 years of experience in issuing electrical product safety approval certificates and are extremely knowledgeable in determining the most applicable standard for your product, and in assessing reports for compliance to Australian and New Zealand standards.

Principal assessors are David Lee and  Jay Wessels, both well known players in the Australian electrical certification industry.

  • David Lee has more than 10 years experience in the electrical testing industry with previous positions at SGS (Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme) and as approvals manager of Electrolux Major Appliances.
  • Jay Wessels has many years of experience with electrical product certification (ex SAA Approvals and Queensland Electrical Safety Office).

A copy of our NSW Fair Trading authorisation and JAS-ANZ Certificate can be found in the following multi-page TIFF ASAaccreditation

Applications can be downloaded from the ASA website from this Wed the 5th of June or by email now, to