Following a recent successful CB Scheme audit of our Sydney lab, Austest Laboratories has expanded the scope of safety standards to include IEC 60335-2-82 for Amusement Machines.  This allows Austest to issue a globally accepted CB report and associated TUV Rheinland Japan CB Certificate for various gaming machines, currency dispensers, weighing machines and poker / slot machines. 

The IECEE CB Scheme is the world’s first truly international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment
and products. It is a multilateral agreement among participating countries and certification organizations. 

This adds to our existing scope of CB Sheme Accredited testing which now covers the following standards:

  • IEC 60065 Audio and Video Equipment
  • IEC 60598-1   Luminaires, General Requirements
  • 60598-2-4 Portable Luminaires
  • 60598-2-6 Luminaires with built-in transformers for filament lamps
  • 60598-2-20 Lighting Chains
  • IEC   60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances, General Requirements
  • 60335-2-3 Electric Irons
  • 60335-2-6 Cooking Ranges, Hobs, Ovens
  • 60335-2-9 Portable Cooking Appliances including Grills and Toasters
  • 60335-2-15 Appliances for Heating Liquids inc Coffee Machines, Kettles, Slow Cookers, Rice Cookers etc
  • 60335-2-23 Appliances for Skin or Hair Care inc Hair Straighteners and Dryers 
  • 60335-2-24 Refrigerating Appliances including Ice Cream Appliances and Ice Makers
  • 60335-2-29 Battery Chargers
  • 60335-2-30 Room Heaters
  • 60335-2-80 Electric Fans
  • 60335-2-82 Amusement Machines
  • IEC60950-1 (Edition 1 & 2) Information Technology Equipment inc Telecommunications
  • IEC60950 (Edition 3) Information Technology Equipment inc Telecommunications
  • IEC 61558-1 Transformers and Power Supplies (General)
  • 61558-2-6  Safety Isolating Transformers

The above mentioned CB tests we provide are just a subset of our overall safety test capabilities, for a full listing refer to our website and our A2LA listing for safety accreditations and reports issued under ILAC endorsement for global acceptance.