Austest Laboratories has now added accredited testing for Aeronautical Equipment to RTCA DO-160G. Accreditation covers environmental testing aspects of equipment used in fixed or rotating  wing aircraft:

  • Section 4 Temperature and *Altitude; aviation
  • Section 6 Humidity;
  • Section 7 Shocks and Crash Safety;
  • Section 8 Vibration;
  • Section 14 Salt Spray;

*Altitude Testing covers: Transport and operational, Take-off and landing, Level flight, Rapid de-compression & Explosive de-compression using large chambers and testing up to 70,000 ft.

Austest also provides Acoustic testing including Airborne noise to MIL-STD-1474.

Austest is the only Australian lab providing accredited Avionic testing covering both the above Environmental tests and EMC to Section 20 (Radio Frequency Susceptibility) to both Radiated and Conducted testing requirements.

Download a copy of our accreditation from here.ILAC MRA-A2LA Accredited Symbol in Color