Austest Laboratories, a leader in the provision of testing and certification for Defence and Aerospace products and components, is pleased to announce antenna pattern measurement services for mobile and fixed communications equipment.

Austest Laboratories uses its semi anechoic chamber and customised software to automatically rotate, measure and log, linear and circular antenna polarisations or various types of antenna, ranging from GPS to UHF. Austest Labs can vary the angular accuracy according to customer’s requirements (accuracy up to 0.1°) with co-polarised or cross-polarised measurements in the E-plane, H-plane, or full spherical patterns.

This is a great example of Austest Labs engineers responding to very specific client requirements, stated Martin Garwood, Managing Director of Austest Laboratories.  The provision of antenna pattern measurement services arose from a recent project where our engineers worked with a client to determine their needs and put together an automated software package that reduced the overall testing and measurement time, which resulted in greater accuracy, reduced chamber time and associated costs for the client”, stated Garwood.

Antenna measurement services summary:

  • Measurements in linear and circular polarisations
  • Testing of various types of antennas inc GPS, UHF
  • A range of measurement accuracy according to client requirements (accuracy up to 0.1°)
  • Co-polarised or cross-polarised measurements in the E-plane, H-plane, or full spherical patterns

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