Austest Laboratories has now gained A2LA accreditation for MIL-STD-461G, the latest version of the military standard defining the requirements for the control of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) characteristics of subsystems and equipment.  Our Sydney and Adelaide facilities can now provide accredited testing as follows:

  • Conducted emission measurements to CE101, CE102 and CE106, 
  • Conducted susceptibility to CS101, CS114, CS115 and CS116,
  • Radiated emission measurements to RE101 and RE102,
  • Radiated susceptibility to RS101 and RS103.

The main difference to previous versions is the further development of verification processes performed prior to applying the tests.  Under version G, some test and measurement equipment such as antennas no longer require individual yearly calibration as long as the test system conforms to the verification specifications.

The transient conducted susceptibility test CS106 has been removed from version G as it has been found that the phenomenon intended to simulate is also covered by the CS115.  There has been some changes to the equipment layout in particular, floor standing equipment which now allows for longer cables to be used.  An additional test for personnel borne electrostatic discharge susceptibility has been added and Austest Labs has the equipment to perform this test

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