The CB Scheme is an international program created by the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) for the acceptance of product safety test results around the world. The CB Scheme offers manufacturers a simplified way of obtaining multiple national safety certifications for their products which provides entry into over 50 countries.

The CB Scheme can help you save money, save time, obtain certifications more quickly, and reduce the number of test samples needed.

Example: If you intend to export an electrical product to South Korea, having a CB report for your product means you can avoid providing KC certificates (Korean Safety Mark) for all safety critical components used within your product.

Austest Laboratories is the only IECEE CB testing Laboratory in Australia and recently undertook a successful renewal audit.

During the audit, Austest was assessed for additional standards covering Laboratory and Measurement Equipment to IEC 61010-1 3rd edition and IEC 60335.52 covering Oral Hygiene Appliances.

Austest Labs new scope will be updated on the IECEE CB website shortly, which is subject to closing out several minor items raised in the audit.    Our new scope will cover the following categories of equipment;

• Household equipment,

• Lighting, Office Equipment,

• Sound and Audio,

• Measurement plus

• General Electrical Safety.

The current scope can be viewed here.