Portable lithium secondary cells and batteries for use in portable electrical equipment have been included in the Korean safety certification (KC) scheme for consumer products from 1 July, 2009

The responsible authority, KATS (Korean Agency for Technology & Standards) previously revised regulations for Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products to include safety requirements for such lithium cells and batteries from 1 January 2009. Mndatory certification is intended to reduce the risk of explosion and fires caused by batteries to consumers.

  • Primary and Secondary batteries covered include Portable lithium secondary cells with power densities greater than 400Wh/h
  • Batteries made from portable lithium secondary cells (Ex. battery for MP3, electronic dictionary, PMP, laptop, Digital camera)
  • Portable lithium secondary cell and battery pack with navigation function irrespective of power density

Exclusions cover car batteries, industrial, medical, and button type.   Contact us about fast and low cost battery testing in our Korean partner lab.