ITR-2000 Instrumented Impact Tester

Over January,  Austest’s Environmental Testing Department has successfully completed commissioning of Radmana ITR-2000 Instrumented Impact Tester and Shimadzu UMH-10 Universal Testing Machine at our Castle Hill laboratory.

The ITR-2000 Instrumented Impact Tester provides a versatile and accurate way to characterise impact and puncture properties of wide range of materials such as plastics, composites, films, pipes, soft metals, wood, laminates etc. The machine employs a powerful pneumatic ram which drives an impact element into a specimen at high speed with impact energy levels of up to 500 J. The force, velocity and displacement are electronically monitored, recorded and analysed by a specialised software. Data collected during a single impact can thus determine energy, load and deformation at yield and break points, indication of crack initiation and propagation and measure of sample stiffness.

The UMH-10 Universal Testing Machine is designed for testing both metallic and non-metallic materials through static load tests such as tensile strength, compressive, transverse, bending etc., or any similar tests intended for elucidating characteristics of materials on various types of test specimens ranging from industrial products to raw materials. The machine is capable of applying up to 100 kN of force in both tensile and compressive direction at a controlled rate with accuracy of 0.5%

ITR-2000 and UMH-10 machines enable assessment of mechanical properties of test specimens before and after exposure to accelerated ageing or various environmental severities. Therefore, Austest engineers are now be able to accurately measure and quantiify the effects that stressors such as UV radiation, broad-band solar radiation, temperature, humidity, salt-fog, etc. may have on particular mechanical property of a test specimen (e.g. ability to withstand impact, tensile strength, etc.)

Introduction of these machines adds to an already wide range of capabilities and further entrenches status of Austest Laboratories as the only test house within Australia capable of offering a true “one-stop-shop” testing services.

Both machines are currently undergoing process of calibration and formal accreditation to the applicable standards (ASTM D3763, ASTM D638, ASTM D695, ASTM A931) and will available for accredited testing in March 2018.  Contact Austest Labs for a quote.