uvtesterAustest Laboratories Sydney has purchased a second Xenon Arc Solar Radiation Chamber to compliment the same Broad spectrum UV chamber in our Melbourne Lab and our  UV-A/Short Wave weathering tester.

The purchase of a 2nd Broad Spectrum UV chamber greatly reduces the lead time for testing end products and components when a specific set of test parameters is required, which is often the case with automotive standards which result in monopolising chamber use.

Our Xenon Arc Solar Radiation Chamber is ideal for the reproduction of the full spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet, visible light and infrared and can be combined with water spray and humidity to determine fading and colour change.  This chamber is also best for testing indoor products, as it is fitted with window glass filters.  As this unit can accurately control humidity, it is also ideal for sensitive materials such as textiles and inks.

To decide between our Xenon Arc chambers or our Short-Wave Weathering Tester for your specific requirements, refer to this article.