Acoustic Engineering and Consulting

Austest Laboratories has acoustic measurement facilities, software, tools and expertise, offering acoustic engineering and consulting services which include:

  • On-Site Industrial noise control inc OHS
  • Environmental noise and monitoring
  • Infrastructure project noise
  • Sound Power measurements for Machinery Noise Emission declaration and verification, according to Australian and International standards including ISO 3744 (AS 1217.5 withdrawn) and ISO 9614-2.
  • Noise Labelling of Machinery: ISO 4871 / AS 3871.
  • Noise Verification of Machinery: ISO 7574 / AS 3782.
  • Acoustic Materials Evaluation: Sound Absorption and Acoustic Impedance.
  • Mufflers Performance measurements: Pressure Drop and Sound Attenuation – Transmission Loss & Insertion Loss (TL and IL) measurements.
  • Noise Insulation measurements of structural components such as partitions and enclosures (TL and IL measurements).
  • Experimental Modal Analyses to identify and mitigate resonances in structures.
  • Sound Quality (SQ) measurements and analyses to better understand and reduce Noise Annoyance factors.
  • FEA simulations for maximizing air paths and structures Noise Insulation.
  • Develop and supply customised (and automatic) Acoustic Measurement and Analysis Systems.
  • Customise and supply Noise Analysis and Screening techniques for in-house testing on the product manufacturing lines.
  • Training personnel in operating Sound and Vibration measurement equipment.
  • Consulting: Investigations of Noise Sources and Transmission Paths to maximise Noise Reduction.

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