KCCMarkEffective 1 Jan 2010, the Korea Customs Service has amended customs importation procedures for all products falling under the scope of KCC approval. 

The Ministry of Justice, Republic of Korea, has revised the designated notice of goods, per “”Notice of Korea Customs Service, No. 2009-115 and Article 226 of Customs Act”,  with the revised notice effective as of January 01, 2010.

In summary, all products imported into Sth Korea must have an existing KCC approval in order to complete customs clearance.   This new examination of all products clearing customs is to ensure products designated for the Korean market have appropriate KCC certificates.

The procedure for importation of test samples prior to obtaining approval has not yet been released…..we will provide further updates as they come available.  For more information, contact http://www.approvalspecialists.com/contact_us/contact_us