Austest Laboratories strongly supports Australian manufacturers of products and components.  On a regular basis, we will be highlighting Australian companies that are providing industry best services in support of Australian Industry.

Baron Rubber is a contract manufacturer of custom moulded silicone, rubber and plastic components, specialising in the supply of silicone components along with rubber & plastic components into most sectors such as medical products, consumer goods, veterinary products, production systems, automotive and defence.

After being recently awarded with two major contracts into the “high voltage” and “mining” sector, Baron Rubber are also expanding their industrial silicone and rubber capabilities.  They are also a fully integrated manufacturer and can:

  • Prototype parts,
  • Design and build tools/moulds in-house,
  • Design and build production cells in-house,
  • Develop and design components in-house,
  • Formulate, compound and test custom polymers for specific components in-house, and
  • Complete DFMEAs and PPAP as required.

Supporting production process at either pre, post or secondary levels as well as being able to assist with sourcing of components from Tier 2 suppliers, Baron Rubber also supplies components such as;

  • Silicone medical products such as masks, tools for operations, interfacing components such as seals and connectors,
  • Silicone & rubber insert moulded products such as vibrator mounts, seals, handheld, electronic and wearable devices,
  • Silicone & rubber bellows for sealing interfaces as used in consumer products and production systems,
  • Silicone & rubber tubes, elbows and connectors for liquid transfer mainly used in consumer and production processing plants,
  • Silicone & rubber seals and gaskets used in most applications,
  • Silicone & rubber vibration and noise dampeners used in heavy machinery and is growing rapidly in the mining and defence sectors,
  • Plastic brackets, connections, mounts used in various applications within all sectors.

Baron Rubber also has multiple production facilities in Australia (5 factories soon to be consolidated into 2 large facilities) and China (4 factories soon to be consolidated into 1 large facility) to help assist clients by providing the most cost-effective options possible. They welcome you to visit their production facilities at any stage to gain a better understanding of our services and capabilities.  Contact Fabian Bettiol for more information.