Vibration and/or Shock testing is an important part of the qualification of new products.

Join Praba, one of our most Senior Environmental Test Engineers next Thursday week at Engineers Australia Chatswood NSW.

This presentation will begin with a summary of the mechanics and theory involved with Vibration testing and the basic governing equations determining the behaviour of items undergoing vibration.

The overview on Shock testing will commence with an outline of the different types of shock loads and why the damage potential of shock loads can be difficult to model.
Exploring the different types of classical shock tests – half sine and terminal peak sawtooth – and how such tests are performed. The presentation will then detail the most useful form of shock testing, SRS (Shock Response Spectrum) testing. The definition, theory and purpose behind this often-misunderstood form of testing will be discussed.

The presentation will conclude with a brief outline of the different test standards applicable to Vibration and Shock testing.

Prabakaran Naganathan (Praba), BEng (Aero) Hons, Meng (Mech)

Praba is a Senior Environmental Test Engineer at Austest Laboratories NSW (Castle Hill) facility with nearly 25 years of experience in testing for automotive, rail, defence, medical, transportation/packaging and other industries. He is a leading authority in many aspects of environmental testing and was instrumental in enabling Austest Laboratories to become the dominant force in areas of vibration and shock testing in the Australian market.

Praba’s most recent project includes development of a highly specialized and unique apparatus for testing and qualification of Naval equipment and is currently engaged on further research of new methods for simulating underwater shock events. Austest Labs is the only lab accredited to perform SRS testing in Australia.

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