Austest Laboratories is pleased to announce the employment of Yanwen Xin to our Melbourne lab, located in Reservoir Victoria.

Yanwen joins us from the recently closed SGS Vic testing lab and brings experience to our well established Melbourne MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards)  product safety, EMC and Environmental test teams and compliments our Sydney and Adelaide facilities.

Austest Laboratories has run an accredited MEPS lab for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers for many years and uses the latest NI Daq instrumentation to provide substantial feedback for pre-compliance and compliance testing to the following standards:

Performance testing

  • Performance of Clothes Washing Machines to AS/NZS 2040:2005
  • Performance of Dishwashers to AS/NZS 2007:2005
  • Performance of Rotary Clothes Dryers to AS/NZS 2442:2000
  • Performance of Swimming pool pump-units – Energy consumption and performance to AS 5102.1

Power consumption testing

  • External power supplies and battery chargers to AS/NZS 4665
  • Power consumption of audio, video and related equipment to AS/NZS 62087.1
  • Digital television set-top boxes to AS/NZS 62087.2.1

MEPS testing

  • MEPS television sets to AS/NZS 62087.2.2
  • Measurement of standby power on household electrical appliances to AS/NZS 62301
  • Information Technology Equipment Energy Performance of Computers AS/NZS 5813:2012
  • Information Technology Equipment Energy Performance of Internal a.c.-d.c. and d.c.-d.c. power supplies AS/NZS 5814.1

Austest is a full service company and provides both testing and certification via and guarantees to be the most cost effective lab in Australia or New Zealand.  If you have a written quote from another accredited AU/NZ laboratory, Austest will beat it by 10%.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our MEPS service offerings, please contact Yanwen direct on