Spectro2profiler Colour & Texture Colour Meter & 3D Profilometer

Colour Measurement – as you see it

The spectro2profiler uses a circumferential illumination at 45° with 0° viewing.

The circumferential illumination is essential to achieve repeatable measurement results on textured surfaces.

The extra-large measurement spot with homogeneous illumination guarantees highly reliable and representative readings.


3D Surface Texture Analysis – as you see it

The spectro2profiler takes multiple images under different illumination directions to calculate and display 3D topography.

As a result you get objective measures for cell size (mm²) and perceived cell amplitude (P-µm).

Different grain types can be easily differentiated – ideal for design and new supplier approval.

From Traditional Gloss Meter to 2D Reflectivity Measurement

The perceived depth of a leather-like surface is dependent on the reflection behavior on the hills and valleys.

The new spectro2profiler provides a 2D camera based reflectivity measurement which is aligned with the 3D image data to separate the reflection of hills and valleys.

The new measurement parameter Reflectivity Contrast Rc, is an ideal measure for production QC of injection or slush molded parts.

In order to compare historical data, the spectro2profiler also measures the 60° gloss according to international standards.


Colour Measurement and 3D Profilometry with Outstanding Technical Performance

The spectro2profiler uses an innovative, high performance LED light source. Smart testing combined with our long-standing experience guarantees an outstanding performance.

Short-term, long-term and temperature stability as well as a homogeneous illumination spot are unsurpassed in the industry.

The long life time of our LEDs, guaranteed for 10 years, ensure low maintenance – no lamp replacement needed.


Colour Touch Display

The spectro2profiler offers a 3.5’’ large colour touchscreen for ease-of-use.

An icon-based menu with data tables and colourful graphs ensure an intuitive operation as you know it from your smartphone.

You can touch or swipe with your fingers – it even works when wearing gloves!

Live Preview for Precise Positioning

An integrated camera shows a live preview of the measurement spot. This prevents false readings on imperfections or scratches.

Tilting the instrument can be recognized by shadows on the image.

The four rubber pins on the bottom plate of the spectro2profiler ensure stable positioning on flat and curved samples – highest security guaranteed!


Colour and 3D Topography Analysis with smart-chart

smart-chart includes a powerful standard management which allows defining Pass/Fail tolerances based on colour, gloss and structure parameters.

Measurement results are simultaneously displayed in a data table and a variety of graphs highlighting the samples being out of specification.

The 2D/3D analysis is supported with colour coded images to visualize the measurement data for ease of interpretation.

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